Research Center

The Transportation Research Center (TRANSyT), created by agreement of the Governing Board of the UPM on December 19, 2002, is a research and development center of the highest scientific and technological level, which aims to promote, carry out and disseminate research activities , development and technological innovation in the following areas:

The members of TRANSyT belong to different Departments, Schools and Universities. And there are two research groups fully linked to TRANS y T: the Transport Planning Research Group of the UPM and the Transport, Infrastructure and Territory Research Group of the UCM, incorporated in June 2012 as a full member. . Both groups belong to the Sustainable Mobility cluster of the Moncloa Campus of Excellence.

The purpose of the Center is specified in:

Generate leadership capacity and participation in cutting-edge research programs, projects and networks in the field of the ERA (European Research Area)

Strengthen the relationship with other national, European, Latin American centers and the rest of the world.

Serve as a bridge between the University and the different agents involved in transport; administrations, companies and institutions of the sector and students and citizens.