University - Business Chairs

University - Business Chairs

The University-Business Chairs constitute an excellent opportunity to strengthen the relationship between the University and companies as well as with other non-business entities such as social or business organisations, foundations, public administrations, etc. (although in these cases the coined denomination will be maintained even though it does not strictly correspond to the term University-Company) in a long-term stable manner in a scientific-technological area of common interest.

Extraordinary Chair of Cycling Mobility EMT-UCM

The objective of the EMT-UCM Extraordinary Chair in Cycling Mobility is to investigate and promote more sustainable mobility in the city of Madrid.

Abertis Chair

The objective of the Abertis - UPM Chair in Transport Infrastructure Management and Road Safety at UPM is to hold the call for the National and International Abertis awards for transport infrastructure management and road safety.

Research Chair on Sustainable Mobility

The Research Chair on Sustainable Mobility aims to maintain research activity and disseminate knowledge related to sustainable mobility in public transport in metropolitan areas. It is based on the collaboration between the Madrid Regional Transport Consortium and TRANSyT.