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thesis john 2The objective of this thesis is to improve current knowledge in the explanation of the evolution of the demand for road transport over time, as well as in the determination of the perceptions of users and their willingness to pay on interurban roads, taking Spain as a case study. The research includes two parallel analyses, both at the macro and micro level, with the aim of making contributions to the current state of the matter in relation to the behavior of demand on interurban roads, mainly those that are priced.
Specifically, a first analysis is carried out at the macro level with the aim of identifying those variables that allow explaining the evolution of transport demand over time on interurban toll roads. Based on an econometric methodology of panel data, this study has been limited to the national level, both for the demand for light and heavy vehicles. In parallel, a micro analysis has been carried out to determine the explanatory variables that influence the perceptions and availability to pay of users of toll roads in interurban areas, as well as to quantify these relationships. The thesis obtains relevant conclusions in the field of traffic demand management, useful for both transport planners and professionals in the sector.

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