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Natalia Sobrino, Sara Hernández (predoctoral researchers at the Transport Research Center) and Andrés Monzón (director of TRANSyT), have developed a new application to calculate energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. 


HERA is a methodology that allows estimating the Energy Footprint of the flow of traffic that circulates on a highway under certain traffic conditions. It estimates the fuel consumption (fuel liters/year), energy consumption (MJ/year) and GHG emissions (gCO2e/year) of a highway or a section of it under different scenarios. In addition, it is a methodology of special utility for the management of highways in the operation phase from the point of view of energy efficiency, being able to propose initiatives that help reduce energy consumption and decrease, therefore, the Energy Footprint of the highway.

It is presented in the form of a calculation tool in web support, easy to use and with a grounded methodology, and has been adapted for the case of the Spanish network of high-capacity roads, characterized by the fleet of vehicles of the year 2009.


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