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2019-09-23 Defense doctoral thesis Javier de las Heras

Javier de las Heras Molina successfully defends his Doctoral Thesis.

Javier de las Heras defended his doctoral thesis, entitled "Evaluation of electronic toll collection systems in road management", last Monday, September 23.

It states that the combination of factors such as the increase in toll infrastructures, especially toll roads, and the development and commercialization of the connected vehicle, the advancement of vehicle-infrastructure (V2I) and vehicle-vehicle (V2V) communication systems, and technological development (also in mobile telephony) have made possible the improvement and evolution of toll systems.

In his thesis he makes two analyses. "The first analysis covers electronic toll technologies through a D.A.F.O. analysis based on various parameters and variables, such as cost, interoperability, enforcement or obsolescence, extre others." The second analysis "focuses on the vision of toll road users." It also "analyzes the changes in perception in drivers if these systems were free."

The objective of Javier de las Heras' thesis is "to obtain criteria and guidelines that allow an effective implementation of electronic toll collection systems on roads, taking into account both the managers of these infrastructures and their users. In this way it is intended to improve the tools available by the Public Administrations for the management of roads in the field of electronic toll collection, taking into account the vision and opinion of toll road users."

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