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Special Issue Sustainability

Coordination of the Special Issue of Sustainability Magazine with the title:
"Ensuring Sustainable Development at the Light of New Mobility Trends and Challenges"

Sustainability has an impact factor of 2,592 in the Journal Citation Reports (Q2 in Environmental Sciences). The deadline to submit the article is May 31, 2021. However, if you submit it earlier, we will proceed to review it and make a decision as soon as possible. Once the work is accepted, the journal will publish it online in a few days. One of the biggest advantages of this journal is its speed in reviewing and publishing articles.

As Sustainability is an open access journal, the publication of an article costs 1,800 Swiss francs. The journal allows to offer a discount of 50% to some authors who may have problems to pay the full amount.

A preliminary list of possible articles is currently being drawn up for this special issue. If you or a colleague of yours are interested because you work in a research field that may fit into this special issue, please let us know your idea as soon as possible.
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