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The day after – Community of Madrid

The Center for Innovation in Technology (itdUPM) and the Research Chair of Sustainable Mobility (CIMS-CRTM) will coordinate at the UPM the actions to be followed together with the City Council and the Community of Madrid, as well as with other public and private entities


The UPM contributes, through "The Day After", with a working group created by the Ministry of Science, Universities and Research of the Community of Madrid with all the Public Universities of Madrid to analyze the mobility generated in Madrid by the university activity of students from this autonomous community and students who arrive from the rest of Spain and international students. The coordination of this group is carried out from the Research Chair on Sustainable Mobility (CIMS-CRTM) formed by the Regional Transport Consortium of Madrid (CRTM) and the Transport Research Center (TRANSyT). The Director of the Chair, Professor Andrés Monzón, is the coordinator of this working group, who is also the Rector's Delegate for Mobility issues at the UPM. The coordination and contribution of the Polytechnic of Madrid in this group are reinforced by its presence as a "network partner" of the KIC ("Knowledge Innovation Community") on Urban Mobility of the EIT ("European Institute of Technology").

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Visita del Instituto IES La Estrella

El objetivo es fomentar las vocaciones científicas e investigadoras entre los alumnos de 1º de Bachillerato a través del patrimonio científico-técnico del Archivo de Medialab-Madrid mediante la práctica creativa del arte digital y el emprendimiento para contribuir a la sostenibilidad urbana y la lucha contra el cambio climático

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