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news award AEC-(big1)Since 1966 the Spanish Road Association annually awards medals with which public recognition is given to all men and women who, on site or from their offices and offices, fight every day for safe and quality roads. There are five categories: gold medal, silver medal, international merit medal, special mention medal and medal of honor.

On this occasion, Andrés Monzón, Director of TRANSyT, has been awarded the Medal with Special Mention, for a professional career dedicated to research on transport, mobility and its effects.

In the award ceremony he was recognized for having published more than 70 titles between books and book chapters, more than 60 articles in scientific journals and has a similar number of contributions to national and international congresses.

news award AEC(big2)He has also been responsible for more than 40 research projects, of which more than a third belong to the European Union's R&D Framework Programme. But almost above any other consideration we must highlight his work as director of doctoral theses, all of them related to road mobility (urban and interurban) and the externalities of roads and road transport.

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