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Delivery of the prize of the survey on the use of the bicycle in Madrid. More information by clicking on the text.

BiciMad awardAt 1:00 p.m., under the supervision of the Director of TRANSyT Andrés Monzón de Cáceres, in the Board Room of the Higher Technical School of Civil Engineers, Channels and Ports, the prize established -an iPAD Mini- in the survey on the use of the bicycle in Madrid was delivered.
The winner, respondent number 2,270, uses BiciMAD daily, making the route Plaza de España – Atocha. It has been paid almost since the system was inaugurated, motivated by the competitiveness of travel time compared to other modes of public transport, such as the metro or the bus. Although he considers that the public bicycle system still has room for improvement, he appreciates that it is having a good reception in the city, and that progressively a greater use of the service is being made.


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