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TRANSyT commemorates its anniversary with a day dedicated to reviewing the experience of collaboration with the agents of the sector.
TRANSyT commemorates its anniversary with a day dedicated to reviewing the experience of collaboration with the agents of the sector.



A decade of transport research.
The Transport Research Centre (TRANSyT) is celebrating. Launched in 2003, it celebrated its tenth anniversary last year. To commemorate it, it organized on May 8 a day that reviewed the role developed during this time by what is the first own research center that was created at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM), based at the Higher Technical School of Civil Engineers, Channels and Ports.

Founded by Professor Rafael Izquierdo, TRANSyT intended from the beginning to become "a link between the academic and professional world in the field of transport", as its director, Andrés Monzón, recalled at the opening of the event. Providing science and know-how, being present in international networks and training doctors, are the lines of action that he listed as the main ones of the center.

The director of the ETSI of Roads, Channels and Ports, Francisco Martín Carrasco, highlighted the "integral vision" with which TRANSyT approaches its work. It not only pays attention to the technical aspects, he explained, but also to the planning and economics of transport, "to adjust to the demand of society and economic resources." He also claimed the research work that has been carried out "since always" in the School, "creating knowledge and applying it".

For the rector of the UPM, Carlos Conde, transport is "one of the engines of engineering" and enjoys "very good prospects" for the coming years. He gave as an example the "very active role" he plays in the great project launched by the UPM on The City of the Future. Another opportunity he mentioned is part of the line of research projects called Solutions UPM. "A way to approach companies to tell what we do and ask what needs they have," he explained.

After the opening of the day, Andrés Monzón gave a lecture on the past, present and future of TRANSyT . A round table dedicated to reviewing the experience of collaboration of the center with the agents of the sector followed. Antonio García Fernández, from Cintra; Carlos Cristóbal Pinto, from the Regional Transport Consortium of Madrid; Miguel Ángel Ochoa, from the Corell Foundation; and José Luis Pérez Iturriaga, from the Cenit-Oasis project. José Manuel Vasallo, responsible for the research line of economics and transport financing of TRANSyT, acted as moderator.


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