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2017-26-27-Meeting with the Belgian Minister

Meeting with the Minister of Mobility and Public Works of the Brussels Region, Pascal Smet, at the Residence of the Ambassador of Belgium.

After his visit to the Madrid Río Park and the Madrid Calle 30 Tunnel Control Center (SICE), the Minister of Mobility and Public Works of the Brussels-Capital Region, Pascal Smet, met with Andrés Monzón de Cáceres, Professor of Transport and Director of the Transport Research Center (TRANSyT) and Rocío Cascajo Jiménez, PhD in Transport and Project Manager of the Metropolitan Mobility Observatory. The Minister was interested in many mobility issues in the city of Madrid. In particular, by the public bicycle system (BiciMAD), by the carsharing systems of the city, the Madrid Río project, and the accesses to the city.

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