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María Eugenia López Lambas, Deputy Director of TRANSyT, participated in the Round Table on Sustainable Mobility, organized by El Confidencial.

news 20180606 elconfidencial bigThe newspaper El Confidencial organized a round table to bring us closer to the sustainable mobility model that experts are designing for Spain. It involved people of reference in the Mobility sector and one of them was María Eugenia López Lambas, an expert in sustainable mobility.

María Eugenia López Lambas remarked that "there has to be organization and political will; the difficult thing is the changes in habits, and these have to be provoked with an important regulation and regulation". For the deputy director of the TRANSyT Transport Research Center of the Polytechnic University, "technologies and new forms of mobility have literally burst into our lives in a very fast way. All are important and we citizens need the impulse of the administrations because there is no single solution, but everything goes through multimodality. This speed has sometimes caused the changes to come later and we have found sidewalks invaded by motorcycles, bicycles, etc."

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