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Visit of Transport Engineers from Israel in the framework of the program "Atidim- Cadets for the transportation infrastructure".

From 29 to 31 November, 23 recently graduated Israeli engineers made a technical visit to Madrid, along with some teachers and coordinators, after visiting London. The objective was to know the good practices of the transport systems of both cities, which are among the most avant-garde and efficient. Professor Andrés Monzón has guided and enabled the visit to such important control centers as the CITRAM of the Regional Transport Consortium, Metro Madrid, Calle-30 and the CONTROL Center of the AVE of ADIF among others; PhD student Raky Julio has accompanied the group as coordinator and guide.

news 20181105 visit Israel bigThe recent graduates are engineers specializing in transport infrastructure, who will join as technicians in the public service of the government of Israel. The program called "Atidim- Cadets for the transportation infrastructure" is organized by the Technion Institute of Technology, the most important engineering university in Israel. It lasts for 4 years and is one of a kind. To access the program, a Civil Engineering degree is requested in most cases, and then they are trained to work in the official services and in companies of the government of Israel. The goal is to give this select group of students relevant academic training and complement it with tools to achieve a vision of global trends and problems and acquire leadership skills that allow them to deal with complex challenges.

The trip has been the end of their formal training and the group has been able to get to know in depth successful practices and examples outside of Israel.

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