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2019_06_21 Conference

On June 28, a presentation of the LIFE GySTRA project took place, in which María Eugenia López, Deputy Director of TRANSyT, participated.

The EU-funded LIFE GySTRA project aims to create a new sustainable mobility policy based on empirical information on road traffic emissions. Vehicles are measured in real driving conditions with remote sensing devices.

During the conference "Car Exhaust and environmental policies: The Potential of Remote Sensing" the advances of the LIFE GySTRA project were presented and connected with the plans of several European authorities to improve air quality in cities. Key industry players, RSD-related scientists, politicians and authorities, environmental organisations and interested public were invited to participate in the event.

María Eugenia López Lambas, Deputy Director of TRANSyT and specialized in sustainable urban mobility plans, participated with the presentation entitled: "Low emission zones for the European Union".

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