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CIT Young Researcher Award 2014 for PhD student Álvaro García Castro, member of the TRANSyT research team.



Álvaro García Castro, researcher at the Transport Research Center (TRANSyT) has won the Young Researcher Award of the XI Congress of Transport Engineering, organized by the University of Cantabria and the Transport Engineering Forum (FIT). To achieve this, he presented the work entitled "Analysis of the relationship between congestion index and fuel consumption based on empirical data", which was distinguished by the jury. The award-winning work studies the effect that congestion has on fuel consumption, obtaining increases of more than 50% at peak times.

All articles with a maximum of three authors under 35 years of age were eligible for the Young Researcher Award.

Álvaro García is a civil engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and a PhD student, developing his thesis focused on the global effects that an efficient form of driving can have, simulating various scenarios through traffic and emissions models.


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