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Second Workshop of the City-HUB project: "Smart & Efficient Interchanges: Design and Operation", the design and operation of more efficient and intelligent urban interchanges in London, on February 3, 2014.


Press Release

28/01/2014, Thessaloniki, Greece

2nd City-HUB Stakeholder Workshop
The 2nd City-HUB Workshop "Smart & Efficient Interchanges: Design and Operation", the design and operation of more efficient and intelligent urban interchanges, will be held in London on February 3, 2014. A group of "experts" has been invited to the event to discuss together with the project partners the most relevant aspects about the design of the exchangers, as well as the integrated management and operation of them. Attendees are invited to participate in a discussion through four working groups detailed below:

  • Good practices (operation of different modes, coordination and sale of tickets);
  • Passenger priorities (safety, comfort and quality of services);
  • Business and management (business models, efficient design for environmental quality); and
  • Land uses and economic impacts (local economic impacts, highlights of public space).

The project coordinator, Prof. Andrés Monzón of TRANSyT-UPM will open the Workshop at 10:00 presenting the City-HUB project. Afterwards, Mr Simon Bennett will give a presentation on the activities of Crossrail in London. The TRL and VTT project partners will present the good practice guides on "Efficient and intelligent design" and "Integrated management", respectively. NEXT, CERTH will introduce the working groups, where City-HUB experts will be the moderators of each of the four working groups.

In the afternoon, a plenary debate session is scheduled to consolidate the conclusions obtained in the different working groups, under the supervision of the experts of City-HUB and CERTH. Finally, TRL's Derek Palmer will present the King-Cross station. The Workshop will end with a closing speech by the project coordinators (TRANSyT-UPM). At 19:00 a dinner is planned for the workshop attendees and for the city-hub project partners.

For more information on the project, please contact:

Project Coordinator:
Professor Andrés Monzón
Madrid, Spain
Tel: +34913365373

Or access the official website of the project:


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