Work at TRANSyT

This section contains the offers and active calls for research at the Transport Research Center (TRANS and T), as well as other scholarships and grants.

Short Term Scientific Stays in TRANSyT

Researchers, postgraduate and PhD students are welcomed to TRANSyT in Short Term Scientific Stays (STSS). If you want to apply for one, please follow this procedure:

At least 3 months before your STSS send the following documents by e-mail to your host (a TRANSyT Senior Researcher or Professor):

  • A letter of recommendation from your supervisor in your home institution (only for students). This letter should include the purpose and the dates of the STSS.
  • To STSS Application . The application should include the dates, the topic, objectives a workplan, foreseen publications/articles resulting from the STSS (if applicable), and the applicant’s relevant publications and research projects. It should be signed by the applicant, and by his/her supervisor if the applicant is a student. Please use the template provided :

If your STSS proposal is accepted, your host will send you a STSS letter of acceptance. The host will evaluate your proposal on the basis of its scientific interest and the space availability in TRANSyT.

The latest 20 days after the STSS , please send the STSS report to your host. It should include: the purpose of the STSS; a description of the work carried out during the STSS, a description of the main results obtained, future collaboration with the TRANSyT (if applicable), and foreseen publications/articles resulting from the STSS (if applicable). Please use the template provided:

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