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RTVE interview for the vital security program

The deputy director of Transyt interviewed in the RTVE program 1 Seguridad Vital, offers her experience on pedestrian mobility and how to promote it in large cities. Full documentary

In leisure trips and shopping we walk because our time is worth very little. But in occupational mobility (for work or studies) we go by car even if the distances are short because we take less, because our time in that type of trips are worth more.
In large cities there is more pedestrian mobility than in small ones, when you come from a small city you do not have so assumed that travel time and 20 minutes seems a lot.
In the city of Madrid, according to the home mobility survey, one in four trips is made on foot in the central almond while in the rest of the community one in three trips is made.

walking in central Madrid

There is no doubt that walking or cycling is more beneficial for our health, but in addition these mobility habits also turn our streets into more livable spaces.

My decision to take the car not only affects me, it affects all the people who move in that environment; Pollution, noise, accidents…
That short journey of three kilometers if I decide to do it on foot or do it by bicycle, it will have a positive effect on the rest of the people

How to get out of this inertia of getting out of this inertia of taking the car for short journeys?
Raise awareness: For example, pedestrian maps could encourage people by indicating the travel time on foot.
It is better to have a coffee in a square where there are trees and gardens, where there is no noise caused by motorized traffic, it would be a more livable city.

For short distances, walking is not the only alternative to the car or motorcycle.
The problem with public transport is that it is not door-to-door. There you could make a mix, there is the bicycle, the 30km/ h areas are very important for safety reasons.
Among the benefits of replacing the car with other more sustainable means is also saving lives.
We have examples of drastic pedestrianization such as Pontevedra that has reduced the number of outrages to zero.



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