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News sidewalks. In El Independiente

The deputy director of Transyt gives her opinion on urban density and the new normal marked by social distancing.

Maintaining social distance, between one and a half meters and two meters on the street, is not equally easy in all cities, nor in all parts of a city. With the time distribution announced by the Ministry of Health, the rhythm of the city, from day 2, will be marked by a few activities. Its time limitation will prevent concentrations that increase the chances of contagion. A risk that dissipates in municipalities of less than 5,000 inhabitants because the low density of the population is the enemy of infectious diseases such as that caused by the coronavirus. The news also shows a platform to know the width of the sidewalks of Madrid.


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"65% of the sidewalks in Madrid do not have a necessary width to respect social distance. There are many transversal streets in which there is no room for a person"
"When we talk about urbanism we always talk about the 3 des: design, density, and diversity. Design is that the city is friendly, pleasant to walk; diversity is the mixture of uses, that an area is work (that leisure, school, that everything is close so that you can walk) and the last is density. Of course, the population density with the coronavirus has fallen on us, and we are rethinking it because of social distance."

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