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On Sunday 16 September 2012 the European Mobility Week 2012 begins.

This year's theme is: Participate in your city's Mobility Plans: move in the right direction!

The slogan chosen for this year's SEM aims to reflect on the role that Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans can play in our cities.

Sustainable urban development is high on the international agenda. At this year's RIO+20 UN conference on Sustainable Development, tackling mobility issues in cities has been identified as one of the seven critical themes. In this context, addressing congestion and traffic-related issues is crucial. European cities are constantly suffering the negative impact of these problems on their economy, health and quality of life.

As the demand for mobility increases and the need to reduce emissions drastically becomes pressing, cities need to be innovative and forward-thinking. They need to develop a general approach to the urban transport system that combines the demand for mobility, protects the environment and makes cities better places to live.

The Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP) define a set of interrelated measures that lead, step by step, to meet the mobility needs of citizens and companies, while improving the quality of life of the city.

European Mobility Week 2012 is the perfect time to get your city moving in the right direction!
More information and download documents.

You can find more information by following this link on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.
Report of the Final Report of the SEM.
Reports for the Final Report SEM-2012 They will be available at the end of the SEM.
Final Report At the end of the SEM, all the information of the participants will be collected, which will be included in this report.

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