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The Spanish Network of the Global Compact, an international initiative that promotes corporate sustainability in Spain within the framework of the United Nations, and the Rafael del Pino Foundation, have delivered the go! SDGs to business and social entities that innovatively apply the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).




Among the eighteen recognized projects, Transforming Transport, in which the Polytechnic University of Madrid participates, received the award that alluded to objective 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. The award was collected by Professor Andrés Monzón on behalf of the project, on February 20 in Madrid. Two upM groups participated in this project, the Transport Research Center (TRANSyT), and the Ontology Engineering Group (OEG).

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The project, in which Alessandra Boggio-Marzet and Guillermo Velázquez collaborated as researchers, has developed techniques to make the most of the data managed by transport operators, using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence techniques. Transforming Transport is a LightHouse project –Horizon 2020 of the EU- with 49 partners from 9 different countries, where 13 pilots of all modes and means of transport (roads, railways, ports, airports, urban freight logistics, e-commerce and connected vehicle) were analyzed. The use of "machine learning" techniques improve the maintenance and operation of infrastructures, the reduction of emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases, as well as prevent accidents. Therefore, in addition to receiving the award for SDG-9 (Economy), Transforming Transport also contributes to SDG3 and SDG13.

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