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2017-01-24-Transforming Transport

On 11-12-13 January, the launch meeting of the Transforming Transport project took place at Indra's offices in Madrid.

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The 30-month project belongs to the EU's H2020 call. During its development, the impact of Big Data technologies on the transport sector will be tested and analyzed. To this end, 14 pilots will be implemented in seven domains: Air Transport, Rail Transport, Urban Transport, Road Transport (Highways and Vehicles), Maritime Transport and Digital Commerce. TRANSyT will collaborate in the project by contributing its knowledge in terms of indicators for monitoring and evaluation of Transport projects, as well as in terms of Policy.

TT. Transforming Transport
Period: December 2016 – May 2019
Organization: European Commission (H2020)
TRANSyT researchers: Andrés Monzón and Guillermo Velázquez.

Project Website.

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