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Andrés Monzón de Cáceres, director of the Transport Research Center, participated on July 21, 2015 in the course "Transport and Sustainable Mobility in Smart Cities" within the framework of the Summer Courses of the Complutense University of Madrid.

Andrés Monzón taught the class "ITS Applications to improve the management of urban public transport."

The concept of Smart City has emerged in the last decade as a fusion of ideas on how new information and telecommunications technologies can improve the functioning of the city and its sustainable development in economic, social, environmental terms, increasing competitiveness, efficiency, energy saving, and improving the quality of life among other issues. One of the sectors in which technology is having the greatest impact is in transport and mobility.

Cities are complex systems in which multiple actors intervene that relate around processes linked to opportunities for improvement and integration, through the optimization of infrastructures such as transport exchangers, intelligent traffic lights, transport optimization through interactive actuators and the control of vehicle flows through monitoring.

Andrés Monzón's class was intended to bring students closer to the most innovative trends in sustainable transport and mobility, as well as to give an overview of the current situation and the main research areas.

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