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Researchers Dr Kyung-Chul LEE and Sang-Keun Lee Ph.D. of the Korea Railroad Research Institute have visited TRANSyT.

Researchers Dr. Kyung-Chul LEE and Dr. Sang-Keun Lee, from the Korea Railroad Research Institute -KRRI, have visited TRANSyT with the aim of exchanging experiences in the field of changes caused by new high-speed rail infrastructures in the levels of accessibility and territorial equity.

The KRRI was established in 1996 as a research body in South Korea aimed at developing and increasing competitiveness in the railway industry with the development of R&D&I activities. KRRI is ushering in a new era of rail transport.

KRRI has achieved great success with the 350 km/h high-speed line and with the transit of the 'HSR-350x' light rail.

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