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On May 2, 2017, Andrés Monzón, director of TRANSyT, formalized the collaboration agreement with the Polytechnic School of the University of Extremadura to carry out the experiment of the Eco-Traffic [TRA2016-76485R] project in Cáceres.

news 20170516 ecotraffic agreement 2The objective is to measure the effect that both eco-driving and eco-routing have on an individual vehicle under real driving conditions. For this reason, it was decided to carry out a data collection campaign on roads of different types (urban roads, access roads to the city …), under different traffic conditions and in two cities with very different characteristics (Madrid and Cáceres). This driving will be carried out following the floating vehicle technique, to try to reproduce the average behavior of the drivers. However, in the selection of the same, it will be sought that the drivers have different profiles in terms of sex, age and other significant variables according to the literature.
The measurements of the parameters that configure the driving profile (instantaneous speeds, accelerations …) as well as the consumption will be obtained by installing in the vehicles an "on-board" device – OBD-Key ( – which allows to obtain and store this information instantly, in addition to the geographical location of the vehicle at all times.

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