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On Tuesday, June 23, TRANSyT doctoral students visited the historical collections of the Library of the School of Roads. More information by clicking on the text.




On Tuesday, June 26, TRANSyT doctoral students visited the historical collections of the Library of the School of Roads by the hand of its director Concepción García Viñuela and with the support of Tomás Pérez Pardo, a member of the technical staff.

The visit was a discovery for the members of TRANSyT who were surprised by the historical "jewels" that this library preserves and that little is known about it.

web1The Library of the School of Civil Engineers, Founded in 1834, has a remarkable old collection of books and periodicals on the History of Science and Technology of Civil Engineering, especially from the nineteenth century.

During the hour and a half of the visit, they were not only able to contemplate the library's collections, but also to feel first-hand books and manuscripts of great wealth. The oldest book is a copy dating from 1526 by Pedro Ciruelo on arithmetic, geometry, perspective and music. Other copies consulted have been books by Archimedes, collections by Echegaray, manuscripts of the Moscow Riding School by Agustín de Betancourt, manuscripts of the Count of Floridablanca, Viajes de Ponz, summary of the works of Eiffel,..

… and best of all, the visit does not end here. Another visit to the part of the historical magazine collections has been scheduled.

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