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Participation of TRANSyt in the Presentation of the Home Mobility Survey – edM2018

 On Wednesday, February 26, the Presentation Day of the 2018 Home Mobility Survey was held at the College of Civil Engineers, Channels and Ports with great public participation


The program of the same is attached:



Lola Ortiz. – Dean of the Demarcation of Madrid of the College of Civil Engineers.

Angel Garrido. – Minister of Transport, Mobility and Infrastructure. Community of Madrid.

FIRST SESSION: Home Mobility Survey 2018

Moderated by: Ma Eugenia López – TRANSyT-UPM

Methodology and technical design of the edM2018. Maite Anton – CRTM

Sampling and Expansion Factors edM2018. Pedro Cortiñas – UNED

Mobility Diagnosis: Results by Territorial Areas. Domingo Martín – CRTM


SECOND SESSION: National and International Perspective

Moderated by: Laura Delgado – CRTM

Mobility in Spanish metropolitan areas. Andrés Monzón – WMO – TRANSyT- UPM

Mobility in European Metropolitan Areas. Javier Aldecoa – EMTA – CRTM

Evolution of mobility in the Region of Madrid. Javier Gutiérrez – tGIS, UCM

ROUND TABLE: Urban mobility A paradigm shift?

Moderated by: Antonio Lucio – Professor of Sustainable Mobility – EOI

Andrés Monzón (TRANSyT – UPM) / Javier Gutierrez (tGIS – UCM)

Javier Muruzabal (TRANSyT-UPM) / Francisco Lamíquiz (DUyOT – UPM)

Julian Sastre (ALOMON)


Luis Miguel Martínez Palencia – Managing Director of the CRTM

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